Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Ep 3: "Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective"

With varied opinions on the matter, the GOTWeek gang is back to talk about this week's Game O' The Week, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. A fair amount of grumpiness, a lot of laughs, and with some help from oily sardines, see if Matt, Matt, Mike, and Sarah survive this week's Game O' The Week!


  1. Fun- Yay, Nay, 2 X Okay
  2. Artwork- Yay
  3. Game Mechanics- Okay
  4. Time- Yay, 2 X Nay, Okay
  5. Strategy- Nay, 3 X Okay
  6. Replayability- NAY, unless you're Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates
  7. Box Fart Noise- No Farts Here
  8. Who's the Asshole?- Sherlock Holmes
  9. Snack Pairings- Sardines, Tea Biscuits, Hobnobs, Maltesers. YAY

FINAL RATING (Play Again, Wait for Expansion, Shelve It) : EXTREMELY Hesitant Play Again