Shadow Hunters

Ep 5: "Shadow Hunters"

WHO IS GUNTER GROSSHOLZ?! Sarah, Matt, Matt, and especially Mike try to figure it out during this week's episode of Game O' The Week! The Gang talks about this week's game, Shadow Hunters, and things get a little crazy during trivia! Listen in and hear what the gang thinks about this spooky forest/anime girl/murder ray inducing game while enjoying a pop tart or banana!


  1. Fun- 4 Yays
  2. Artwork, Feel & Theming- 1 Yay, 3 Okays
  3. Time- 4 Yays
  4. Game Mechanics, Strategy, and Strategic Value- 4 Yays
  5. Replayability- 4 Yays
  6. Box Fart Noise- NUMBER ONE FART
  7. Who's the Asshole?- Allie the Anime Girl
  8. Snack Pairings- AT LEAST one Pop Tart, ONLY one banana, haribo starmix, winter lager and Spring!

FINAL RATING (Play Again, Wait for Expansion, Shelve It) :

Play Again and dream of non-existent expansions