Everyone Is John

Ep 6: "Everyone Is John"

After a brief hiatus Sarah, Matt, Matt, and Mike's temporary bodily form, John Pomeroy, are back to present this week's episode of Game O' The Week! The Gang talks about this week's game, Everybody Is John, and all of the fun things they made John do! Listen in and hear what the gang thinks about this hilarious, free-form RPG that anyone can play with just a pen, paper, and some good ole' imagination!


  1. Fun- 4 Yays

  2. Artwork, Feel & Theming- 4 Okays

  3. Time- 4 Yays

  4. Game Mechanics, Strategy, and Strategic Value- 4 Yays

  5. Replayability- 4 Yays

  6. Box Fart Noise- If you punch whoever is John.... MAYBE?

  7. Who's the Asshole?- JOHN

  8. Snack Pairings- Lambert's Soup, Goldfish, and Beer

FINAL RATING (Play Again, Wait for Expansion, Shelve It) :

Play Again!

everyone is john.jpg