Dark Souls: The Board Game

Ep 4: "Dark Souls: The Board Game"

You're dead! Just kidding, you're alive and kicking and the GOTWEEk Gang is back to talk about one of the hardest board games EVER! Based on the video game series, Dark Souls: The Board Game took our gang on quite the rollercoaster ride of ups, downs, well mostly downs, but a whole lot of fun nevertheless! Listen and hear what the fine folks have to say about this week's Game O' The Week with more streamlined "Yays, Nays, & Okays," what's up with ripping boxes, why Tang is a bad substitute for Sunny Delight, and see if Matt, Matt, Mike, and Sarah survive this week's Game O' The Week!


  1. Fun- 4 YAYS
  2. Artwork, Feel & Theming- 4 YAYS
  3. Time- 4 Okays
  4. Game Mechanics, Strategy, and Strategic Value- 4 Yays
  5. Replayability- 4 BIG YAYS
  6. Box Fart Noise- Only Cries of the Damned
  7. Who's the Asshole?- Matt K for ripping the Box
  8. Snack Pairings- Estus Flasks (Sunny Delight Preferred but Tang is okay), Brownie Bites, and Vanilla Wafers

FINAL RATING (Play Again, Wait for Expansion, Shelve It) : PLAY AGAIN UNTIL EXPANSIONS