Ep 7: "Munchkin"

After the longest week ever, Sarah, Matt, Matt, and Mike's true form have returned for this week's episode of Game O' The Week! The Gang talks about this week's game, Munchkin! Listen in and hear what the gang thinks about this classic card game!


  1. Fun- 3 Yay, 1 Okayyyy

  2. Artwork, Feel & Theming- 2 Yay, 2 Okay

  3. Time- 4 Yay

  4. Game Mechanics, Strategy, and Strategic Value- Okayyyy

  5. Replayability- Okay? It’s approachable

  6. Box Fart Noise- Now sound at all. A very vanilla whoosh

  7. Who's the Asshole?- Alan

  8. Snack Pairings- Mini Tropical Swedish Fish, Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips, and possibly Bourbon

FINAL RATING (Play Again, Wait for Expansion, Shelve It) :

Play again if everyone is drunk and secretly hates each other OR get Judge Dredd the board game?

2019-01-06 20.15.26.jpg